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Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Simon Harald Baier Wien
Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Simon Harald Baier Wien

Business Law 

Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Simon Harald Baier Wien

The law firm's team comes from the business world.


In addition to his experience as a business lawyer, Dr. Baier looks back on many years in inhouse positions - and also took over management functions. He knows about the need for efficient and pragmatic solutions.


The law firm provides services particularly in the following areas:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts

  • Creation of general terms and conditions (GTC)

  • Commercial agency law, authorized dealer law

  • E-commerce & internet, social media

  • Consumer protection issues

  • Trademark and copyright

  • Competition law (antitrust and fair trading law)

  • Commercial law

  • Company formation (AG, GmbH, FlexCo), corporate housekeeping

  • Rent and lease, real estate transactions

  • Labor law for employers

  • Austrian right of residence, citizenship, employment permit

  • Enforcement or defense of claims

  • Representation before authorities and courts

  • Compliance & Data Protection

  • ESG

  • Whistleblower Protection Act

  • Supply chain due diligence

  • Questions relating to secondary residences

  • Land transfer law

  • Building law

  • Lease law

  • Hotel and innkeeper law

  • Guest conveyance, travel agency and package travel contracts

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