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The import of medicinal products / pharmaceuticals to Austria

Under Austrian law, medicinal products and blood products may only be imported by pharmacies and authorised companies; the Medicinal Products Import Act (AWEG) applies. Medicinal products also include herbal and homeopathic preparations as well as high-dose vitamin and mineral preparations.

The import of medicinal products or blood products from a third country or their introduction into Austria from an EEA country is only permitted if an import certificate has been issued or a notification has been made. In the event of an offence, an administrative fine of up to EUR 7,260.00 (in the event of a repeat offence) may be imposed in addition to confiscation by customs.

Private individuals are not allowed to carry medicines when travelling, regardless of whether they are entering from EU or non-EU countries. Travellers residing in Austria may re-import medicines for personal use or for accompanying animals that they were carrying when they left the country. Medicines purchased abroad may be carried in up to three retail packs per medicine. Travellers residing abroad may only carry medicines for their personal use or for animals travelling with them.

Companies that import medicinal products must have a corresponding authorisation. Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) may only import medicinal products with the appropriate authorisation.

Medicinal products may only be imported or brought into Austria if they are intended for re-export or for use in humans or animals or for scientific purposes with or without use in humans or animals.

Blood products are subject to additional safety regulations.

Medicinal specialities may only be imported for clinical trials or therapeutic purposes, whereby a medical opinion must confirm the necessity that an alternative authorised in Austria is not sufficient. A prescription alone is not sufficient; the expert opinion must contain a technical justification.

Lawyer for importing medicinal products / international trade

Find out about the legal provisions in good time before importing!

The law firm will also advise and represent you if you are confronted with administrative penal proceedings for violating the provisions of the Austrian Medicinal Products Import Act (AWEZ).

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